​​​A shield and a ball shooting gun all in one! Watch as I test this Atomic Shield Popper on a squirrel!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This shoots the foam balls super fast! Watch as I take out multiple targets on my toy gun targeting system. I was able to be reasonably accurate shooting my Atomic Shield Shooter. It really shoots the foam balls pretty hard and fast, and they bounced all over the room. I found the last ball behind one of my computer monitors later. This is from Hog Wild and overall worked really nice. Having the bonus shield will offer some bonus protection in those intense Nerf Gun battles!


▶▶ Product Info
Gravity-fed auto load, includes six soft foam balls that fire over 40 feet through the shield--that's right, through the shield! Pull the soft foam hammer back, take aim and let go! Clear shield protects you from in-coming fire!

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