ASMR - Purple Slime - Satisfying Slime Play - No Talking - Squishing - Poking & Bubbles Popping. I have had a TON of requests over the years to do some ASMR videos. With the way YouTube has been going, I need to try new things to see if the videos get put in to a better place then what has been happening to my current videos. What is sad is that my videos usually get a 95% + thumbs up and videos that are being featured and pushed more by YouTube in the toy space, are no where near that percentage. As we know they do not use that indicator as high as watch time. I have explained why our videos do not get a good watch time in the past, so I will leave that one alone.

Alyse wanted to be the first slime tester! She pretty much pushed her way into the studio, helped me set it all up and started playing. The video was shot in two 5 minute play sessions. She was ready to do another slime she made, but I wanted to get some feedback and "Hear" what everyone has to say that likes this type of video.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Purple DIY Slime

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