Angry Birds Movie 2016 McDonald's Happy Meal Kids 10 Toy Set! Watch as I check out the box, toys and McPlay App.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Moving right along in our Happy Meal Toy Series, is the Angry Birds Movie Toys. This is a 10 toy set with launchers and also action figures. I had fun setting them up at the end and launching my Angry Birds at them.


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Angry Birds Movie 2016 McDonald's Happy Meal Kids Toys

0:08 Intro
0:46 Box Activities
3:00 1. Angry Birds' Red character launcher toy
4:40 2. Angry Birds' Pirate Pig character launcher toy
6:38 3. Angry Birds' Bomb character launcher toy
8:21 4. Angry Birds' Leonard character launcher toy
9:34 5. Angry Birds' Chuck character launcher toy
10:32 6. Angry Birds' Pilot pig character launcher toy
12:00 7. Angry Birds' Red character launcher toy
12:52 8. Angry Birds Chuck character launcher toy
13:41 9. Angry Birds Bomb character launcher toy
14:25 10. Angry Birds' Lasso pig character launcher toy
15:23 The Phone App Game
18:27 The Complete Set

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