A Dog's Life provided by Beton Games
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A Dog's Life Family Board Game - Walk A Mile In Their Paws- Learn To Piddle, Rummage & Beg!

This turned out to be a REALLY fun game and I have played it with my kids 2 or 3 times. It does take some time to figure out all of the nuances and rules. I realized later that you should put your dog bone on your den card and not on the main game card. Not a big deal and we were out of room trying to play the game in the video. The hardest part is remembering each movement and keeping track of your action points because your having so much fun moving around, piddling and begging, you forget what number move your on. IF your looking for a fun game with a unique game mechanic, then check out this game.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

Beton games is pronounced Bay-Ton Games.

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A Dog's Life Family Board Game - Walk A Mile In Their Paws- Learn To Piddle, Rummage & Beg!

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