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Num Noms! Alyse and I get to check out these cool brand new Num Noms in a retail boxes. That was so cool of them. We have not opened these on video in a long time and to get both the New Light Up Series 1 and the newer Series 3! Once we got our system in place it was smooth sailing to open them all up. I thought they were really cool and after the video Alyse took the Num Noms she wanted :) We hope to give away the rest of our Num Noms! Make sure you send that parental consent or we can't send anything to you.

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Lighted Num Noms Series 1
Candy Sparkle Snow
Bubble Gum Slushy
Sparkle Berry Gummy
Cherry Gummy
Juicy Gummy
Glitter Berry
Raz Sugar
Cherry Light Up
Blue Berry Light Up
Orange Light Up
Raspberry Light Up
Bubbly Light Up
Minty Light Up

Series 3 Num Noms
Zane Zest
Paula Pumpkin
Emma Eggplant
Toasty Mallow
Cocoa Mallow
Sparkle Mellie
Lily Lemon
Cinna Churro
Cheesy Burrito

Lip Gloss
Cherry Vanilla Gloss-up
Choco Razz Gloss-up
Straw-Nana Gloss-up
Mint Berry Gloss-Up
Cucumber Melon Gloss-Up
Van Berry Gloss-Up

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