6 Sand Comparison! Kinetic, Squishy, Sands Alive, Cra-Z-Sand, Brookstone & Moon Sand! Listen to all of the ASMR sounds as I cut and play with this sand! Let me know if your a fan of ASMR videos.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: ​​​Here it is! The ultimate Kinetic Sand Comparison video. Watch as I try 5 different tests to compare all of the sands. Here is the super sand comparison video. I run the sand through a variety of un-official, non-scientific tests.

1. Smell
2. Ball Drop
3. Molding a Shape
4. Play
5. Sand in water

This was not to prove one sand is better then the other, but show the properties that each had through the test. Brookstone Sand and Kinetic Sand are exactly alike (besides color), The most unique sands were Sands-A-Live and Moon Sand. Squishy and Cra Z Sand were similar, but smelled differently.


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Sand Series 6 Sand Comparison! Kinetic, Squishy, Sands Alive, CraZsand, Brookstone & Moon Sand!

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