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Butch and I had fun checking out this hot dog toaster on video. We decided it would be fun to do another hot dog challenge. Here was the last video we made using a special hot dog slicer - Did you like our hot dog challenge? If so let us know. I prefer my Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Butch loves to mix it up. That was all I could taste was the chunky peanut butter. Set this to 5 and you get a well done hot dog!

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Nostalgia Products ’50s-Style Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster - RHDT800RETRORED

Hot Dog 1 - 81 degrees and cooked about :56 seconds
Hot Dog 2 - 104 degrees and cooked 1:10
Hot Dog 3 - 150 degrees and cooked about 2:00
Hot Dog 4 - 150+ degrees and cooked about 2:40
Hot Dog 5 - 170 degrees and cooked about 3:11

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