​​​Ultimate Easy Bake Oven! Time to finally show one of the newer Easy Bake Ovens with a Kellogg's Pop Tart Mix!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: We are moving closer to the newest Easy Bake Oven! We are just one oven away from the 2013/2014 oven. There really is no difference between this oven and the newer oven except the color. This was a nice oven to learn about! I never realized there was a storage tray on the one side. I decided to do the Kellogg's Pop Tarts Snack Cookie Snack Stix! These were fun to make and tasty.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:14 Box Overview
1:03 Light Bulb Baking Book
1:43 Target Exclusive Oven/Parts
2:42 Mixes/Recipes
4:06 Pop Tarts Recipe Mix
10:48 Time To Bake!
12:30 Frosting Mixes
18:33 Decorating
19:54 Final Thoughts/Eating Them!

▶▶ Product Info
Easy Bake Ultimate Oven 2011 Hasbro
Easy-Bake Kellogg's Pop Tarts Strawberry Cookie Snak-Stix

Bake up sweet and tasty treats with the EASY BAKE Ultimate Oven. No more light bulbs needed! Use the included mixes, pans and other goodies to whip up cake and cookie batter. Follow the directions to bake them inside the oven.

Oven comes with baking pan, cupcake pan, pan pusher, chocolate chip cookie mix, red velvet cake mix, pink frosting mix, rainbow sugar crystals package, paper cupcake wraps and instructions/recipe booklet.

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