​​​Queasy Bake Oven and Mixerator! Time for some gross treats! I get to make two kinds of Queasy Cookies.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: I finally get to make Larva-Licious Cocoon Cookies and Dip 'N Drool Dog Bones with my Queasy Bake Oven. I did not have any mixes for the Queasy Bake Mixerator so I tested it with different food colors to see how it worked. It worked great! Both of these Queasy cookies tasted pretty good and they were fun to make and eat. It was great being able to take out my copy of the Light Bulb Baking Book to get some history and learn more about the oven. The oven performed great and is sure interesting to look at and learn more about.


▶▶ Product Info
2002 Queasy Bake Oven
2002 Queasy Bake Mixerator
2002 Queasy Bake Cookie Mix
Buy Here ▶ http://luckypennyshop.com/queasy-bake-cookerator

▶▶ Time Stamps
0:14 Product Intro
2:29 Queasy Bake Mixer Box
3:11 Queasy Bake Cookies Box
3:51 Queasy Bake Oven Box
4:55 Oven and Mixer Out Of Box
6:27 Adding Front Sticker and Opening Cookie Mix Box
9:08 Mix #1 Dip 'N Drool Dog Bones
15:42 Putting Cookies On Trays and Putting In Oven
16:41 Looking at Oven In the Dark
18:26 Mix #2 Larva Cookies (Mixing the Cookie Batter)
23:46 Mix #2 Making The Larva
26:17 Testing the Queasy Bake Mixer
30:07 Adding the Larva To The Cookies
34:22 Putting In The Oven
35:00 Oven In the Dark
35:54 Taking Out Of The Oven
36:50 Some Thoughts
37:33 Eating a Larva Cocoon Cookie
38:05 Making The Dip 'N Drool
41:20 Eating The Dog Bone
42:16 Recap

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