200 Lego Figure Collection - 4 POUNDS Of Legos for 4 Bucks! Estate Sale Find - I have been working on our family Lego collection for weeks. It started when I was looking for Lego sets to show in the Mayka Lego block tape video. That is when I got the bin of Ninjago sets and then started looking for Lego parts. 4-5 weeks later I'm still looking for some parts and trying to get all of the kids figures in order. As you can see, there are a lot! If you look at the time period of collecting sets, over the years, as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts it is a reasonable collection.

I decided to gather all of the bins, boxes and bags of parts, find the instructions and then as a family go set-by-set and put them back together! It was a lot of fun. I ended up creating a spreadsheet
and documenting all of the parts missing for each set so I know what I need to find.

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200 Lego Figure Collection - 4 POUNDS Of Legos for 4 Bucks! Estate Sale Find

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