​​​This is our first 1UP Box! We were excited when they contacted us to feature these every month starting with the January 1UP Box

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is a lot of fun being able to check out new items every month. This box is loaded with cool swag and gaming style gear, toys and novelty items. Each month is a different theme. January 2015 was Robo Mayhem. When you sign up for the monthly program, you let them know your shirt size because every month you get a cool new shirt! I think the $13 monthly charge is worth the shirt alone! Look at the list below to see all of the items in our box. There will be some variety based on your box and availability of items. The February 1UP Box is titled Apocalypse!


▶▶ Product Info/Skip Times
January 2015 Robo Mayhem 1UP Box (Items may vary)

1. Green BMO style wrist band 1:48
2. 1UP Transformer style pin 3:44
3. Baymax style greeting card 5:30
4. Bender (Futurama) Air Freshener 2:48
5. Millennium Falcon Star Wars Plush 4:06
6. Ev!l Companions Paper Buddy (BMO Style) 6:38
7. Ev!l Companions R2-D2 Style 22:47
8. Omegabot 1UP T-Shirt 5:46
9. 1UP Flyer with product details

All the items In Box! 31:38

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