​​​Here is the next installment of our 1-Up Box Subscription Series. This month was titled Arcade.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I have tried a variety of ways to open these boxes so we can all share in the excitement of seeing what is inside. This months theme was "Arcade" and everything was based around that. Which was your favorite item?


▶▶ Skip Times
0:08 Intro/Box Contents
1:35 1Up Box June 2015 "Arcade" Button
1:50 Metallic Arcade Decal
2:41 Spider-Man Zipper Pull
3:38 Space Alien Lanyard
4:44 Street Fighter Bobble Budds
8:57 Pac-Man Candy Tin
10:09 Exclusive Fight Fight Revolution T-Shirt

▶▶ Product Info
1Up Box June 2015 "Arcade"
One - Street Fighter Bobble Budds
Two- Pac-Man Candy Tin
Three - Spider-Man Zipper Pull
Four - Metallic Arcade Decal
Five - Space Alien Lanyard
Six - Exclusive Fight Fight Revolution T-Shirt

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