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Lucky Penny Thoughts: As I continue the monthly box subscriptions with 1Up Box, I realized we are one full year into this series! It has been fun sharing them over the past 12 months. Was there a month you remember as your favorite? Let me know!


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0:08 1UP Box, February 2016 "Transform" Surprise Box Opening Monthly Subscription
1:49 Transform Button
2:12 Adventure Dog Sweatband
2:46 Mutant Spider Necklace
3:30 Power-Up Window Decal
4:30 Metallic Hero Tattoos
5:20 Kirby Plush
5:58 "Mega Millionaire" Shirt
6:44 Final Thoughts

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"1 up ボックス 2016年 2 月変換驚きボックス開口部の毎月サブスクリプション" "1UP Peti Februari 2016 mengubah mengejut Peti pembukaan langganan bulanan" "Assinatura mensal de 1UP caixa de fevereiro de 2016 Transform abertura de caixa de surpresa" "1UP Box февраля 2016 преобразование сюрприз окно открытия ежемесячная подписка" "Caja de 1UP febrero de 2016 transformar la suscripción mensual de abertura de la caja de sorpresa" "สมาชิกรายเดือน 1UP กล่อง 2559 กุมภาพันธ์แปลงประหลาดกล่องเปิด" "1UP hộp năm 2016 chuyển đổi hộp bất ngờ mở thuê bao hàng tháng"

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