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1994 - 2017 Doctor Dreadful Zombie Candy Making Kit History. In todays video I take out my sets dating back to 1994 and show the changes with the Doctor, the logo and the packaging through the history of this unique and tasty candy kit history. In total I have shown 19 different sets of a total of 30+ sets. With 4 more in my inventory, I will be much closer to showing them all on video. Making videos has always been a way for me to document the history of toys. Hopefully one day I can do all 30 sets and complete this history.

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1994 - 2017 Doctor Dreadful Zombie Candy Making Kit History

Doctor Dreadful Zombies Parasite Lab Candy Kit
Doctor Dreadful Zombies Snot Shots Candy Kit
Doctor Dreadful Zombies Zombie Lab Candy Kit

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Doctor Dreadful Gross Brain, Snot & Guts Eating Candy Kits

Doctor Dreadful Drain-A-Vein Set - Treat 'em and Eat 'em!

Doctor Dreadful Squeemy Snack Lab Candy Maker Set

Doctor Dreadful Zombies Bug Lab Gross Candy Maker

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