Here is my collection of Pepsi Cans. I wanted to finally show all of these cans so you can see all of the different cans that were available in the 90's. Some of them were also from the 2000's and even one from 2017. I know there were a lot more cans available for Pepsi, but these are the ones I have currently. As I find more Pepsi cans I will add them to this collection. I had previously tasted the two flavors of the 1893 Pepsi products and wanted to add the two new flavors.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Pepsi 1893 Cola Black Currant, Citrus, Ginger - Huge Pepsi Can Collection!

1893 Pepsi Black Currant Cola
1893 Pepsi Citrus Cola
1893 Pepsi Ginger Cola
1893 Original Cola

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