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Wow! Loaded with snacks. It never ceases to amaze me that even after I have tried so many snacks, there are very few repeat items that I have seen in these boxes. As I eat through the box, I try and show as much of each snack as possible and then try and give my general taste/flavor profile. Many flavors are hard to explain. It is near impossible to try and tell someone what a strawberry tastes like! I can say it has a strong strawberry taste or is really sweet.

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15 Goodies! Japan Crate April Monthly Subscription Box - Loaded With Snacks, Candy & Treats
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Country Ma'am Chocolate Chip Cookies
Umakamon Mayonnaise
Melon Pandaro
Diamond ring pop
Bon O Bon: Creamy Cream
Cheetos Kyusha Soy Sauce
Umaibo: Shrimp Mayonnaise
Longest Chocolate
Yaoyasan Soft Candy DIY
Awadama Grape
Ichigo Daifuku
Sobameshi Snack
Pai No Mi: Ui Matcha
Calpis White Peach Drink

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