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Wow! 12 different scented putties from MindWare! They sent me the Spa Series which included Lavender Dreams, Cucumber Melon & Water Lily. The Sweet Treats which included Mint Chocolate Chips, Vanilla Cake & Cotton Candy and the Tropical Fruits Juicy Pineapple, Bunch of Bananas & Sliced Kiwi. Then in the MashUps there was Putty Scents Butter Popcorn - S'Mores & Peanut Butter & Jelly.

I liked the variety of scents in the collections and all of the putties were pretty close to the same softness. I have videos where I mix my putties, which you would normally not mix. The unique thing about these putties is that you can mix them and when you do, you get a new scent! By the end of the video, my sniffer was getting overwhelmed by all of the flavors!

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